The husband & wife duo. He does film, she does design, they both shimmy.

Meet the makers. 

We're a two-man band* and have a passion for bringing brands to life. We believe that every business began with a story and that story has so much value in sharing. We're here to help capture that story, give it a voice and tell it to the world whether it be through film, branding or digital media. Our ambition is to create honest, bespoke and ridiculously fun design.

We don’t want to make the design experience as boring as elevator music, so we interact with you on human to human level to give your brand the voice that would win American Idol. 

We're based in our home studio in Perth but have clients from all over the world. We are available (and love) to travel and thanks to Skype we are always here to help.  

*We also have a little doggo - Georgie, he is our happy crazy PR manager. When he isn't quality checking all our paper with his mouth, you can find him snoozing on our lap. It's safe to say not much PR gets done.





g-OY-uh {n} meaning:
The suspension of disbelief that occurs in good story telling; a story that feels like reality.