We specialise in the art of capturing your story through all aspects of our creative services. 

+ Creative Direction

Got a ground-breaking idea, but no real clue on how the heck to make it happen? Let us be your wingman. We will do all the work, you can get all the street cred. Whether it is editorial design, creative shoots, flyers, signage or paragliding* let us hold your hand, and make your dreams into reality.

*never paraglided before, so no guarantees

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+ Film

What do people do most with their media platforms? Watch videos. Whether on Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, videos are the most engaging form of media.

Our packages range from short videos through to full TV Commercial shoots, with our most popular being our One-Minute films, these are perfect for social media platforms as they capture the audience quickly. We are also licensed drone pilots which means you can add any Aerial Photography & Footage to your films. *cue cheering

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+ Branding

Branding is like wearing your favourite pair of jeans. It has to make your butt look good and your legs long and toned. You want it to make people say “wow” as they walk past. Cue our entrance. Branding is meant to fit into your vision. To capture your why and broadcast it to the world. It’s the first impression that you wanted your boyfriend to have with your parents.

We begin by sending you a small amount of homework to start the experience, this ensures we capture your image perfectly. Then our design elves lock themselves in the studio to create the magic. You end up with a complete branding package ready to be used across all mediums for your business.

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+ Digital Design

Just as branding is the first impression, the next step in the dating experience is “getting to know each other”. Sometimes this can be the awkward stage, so turn down the lights and switch on the jazz music. Insert web and digital design.

Websites give all the in depth info that your customer is hunting for. Give the people what the people want. The vision is to create user friendly, impeccably designed websites that give fast, accurate brand information, and have people sold, hook, line and sinker.

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+ Packaging

Got a product on a shelf, a cup that needs designing or a box that ships across the world? All of these elements cement your brand identity. We work with you to create the packaging of your dreams, so when people hold it in their hands, they can’t help but ooooh and ahhh and post it on social media.

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+ Aerial

Ever dreamt about flying? Us too. Well, this is the closest we are gonna get for now, until we can afford a human drone… Someone invent that please. The future, though, is in the air. Having the ability to capture unforgettable experiences gives you the opportunity to add profound depth to your project.

Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to experiment with 4K aerial cinematography in leaps and bounds that were previously unimaginable, designing meaningful stories for users to engage with.

Contact us, if you are interested in aerial footage or photography. We always love to go flying.

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+ Real Estate Production

Property films have been proven to be the most effective way to engage with potential buyers fast and effective. Showcase your property with a luxury residential video, or advertise your industrial and commercial property, with a detailed corporate film.

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